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In childhood, our primary attachment is to our parents. As adults, our primary attachment becomes our partner. Children are born and families are created through the connection of a couple.


We enter our romantic partnerships with the best of intentions and a desire for long-lasting romantic connection. However, we soon learn that despite our love for one another, we often do not possess the skills necessary to effectively communicate, resolve conflict, and navigate life stressors, while still finding the time to nurture our relationship and cherish our partner. 


As a result, we experience disharmony in our relationships, which can take the form of emotional disconnection and withdrawal, critical and defensive patterns of communication, perpetual conflict, lack of intimacy, and for some couples, infidelity. 

At Coastal Wellness and Counseling, LLC, we are passionate about our work with couples. Our clinicians have received training in the Gottman Method, developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, and incorporate aspects of Terry Real's Relational Life Therapy into their work with couples as they strive to:


· Teach couples the relational skills necessary for developing and maintaining lasting, emotionally fulfilling, and intimate romantic partnerships,

· Facilitate healing of emotional wounds and barriers to intimacy created by years of ineffective and often dysfunctional communication and entrenched conflict, 


· Support and guide couples through the process of healing from infidelity

· Provide structure and direction for couples considering or already navigating through the complexities of separation, divorce, or remarriage.


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