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Family encompasses more than just your family of origin- it also means the family you create as well as the family you choose. We believe it’s the connections and experiences you have with family members that impact your life in the deepest ways. 

​Whether your goal is to heal emotional wounds suffered long ago in your family of origin, to navigate the journey of raising your own family, or to heal and flourish in spite of separation/divorce, our clinicians are here to support you and yours through these processes.

For families with children 12 years and older


We utilize traditional talk therapy while focusing on both the family system as well as the many sub-systems within a family. Sub-systems may include the parental dyad, individual parent/child relationships, and sibling relationships, as well as intergenerational relationships such as those between grandparents and grandchildren. 

Our clinicians often work to restructure the family hierarchy and re-establish parental authority while simultaneously providing support for adolescents and emerging adults to accomplish their developmental tasks within the family system. 


Instead of remaining entrenched in conflict, family members learn how to articulate their needs and emotions, set and respect healthy boundaries, and resolve conflicts through reaching agreements, which meet the needs of both the individual and the family system in a manner which promotes family cohesiveness.   

For families with children ages 3-12, we offer Filial Therapy. 


Filial Therapy is an evidenced-based family therapy structured around strengthening the parent-child relationship directly through play. This powerful method of family therapy focuses on the parent-child relationship. Parents are provided psycho-education from a trained clinician who will guide them in understanding the four skills of Filial Therapy as they navigate play with their child: 

1 - Structuring  

2 - Empathic Listening  

3 - Imaginative Play and 

4 - Limit Setting 

By using this psycho-educational approach, the clinician will teach parents how to engage in child-centered play at home in order to effectively attune to their child's emotional and developmental needs. 

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