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Somer Webber, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Pronouns She/Her

Somer Webber is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), who has worked in mental health and social work since 2013. She is passionate about recognizing and celebrating neurological differences as unique and valuable variations in the human experience. She believes in the power of healing relationships and meaningful connection with nature. Rather than pathologizing the mental health experience, she aims to support and empower each person’s innate wisdom.

Somer is a neurodiversity-affirming therapist, who is drawn to working with adults and adolescents who experience traits of autism, ADHD, and related family challenges. Somer focuses on building trust, safety, and open communication within the therapeutic relationship. She seeks to create a space for healing and supports her clients in building strategies to live a life that feels peaceful and is progressing toward their personal goals. She encourages the use of sensory supports and special interests as part of therapy, and welcomes different communication styles.

Somer teaches clients how their brain and nervous system function, to work with their neurobiology rather than against it. She works with clients to assess their strengths and challenges with a balanced perspective, so they can make choices from a place of self-love and acceptance. Somer utilizes mindfulness techniques, polyvagal nervous system tools, cognitive restructuring, motivational interviewing, bilateral stimulation, acceptance and commitment techniques, and solution focused therapy strategies.

Somer enjoys working with individuals age 14 and older and their families. She welcomes clients who wish to address challenges presented by anxiety, depression, communication, and social situations. Somer also welcomes LGBTQIA+ and sex positive clients.

Somer graduated from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2011, and went on to pursue a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology that she completed in 2013. She is a certified clinical specialist in working with autism and ADHD. She has worked at inpatient psychiatric hospitals, a nonprofit for individuals with developmental differences, and in private practice.


Somer was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She spends her free time walking her beloved dog, biking, hiking, and planning scuba diving trips.

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